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sí habla español with over 20 years experience as a Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney we can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case. Workers and employees who were injured on the job often rely on assistance from the company while they recuperate. Long-term consequences of an injury such as permanent disability also means reduced ability to work. When you need an attorney you can call on Enrique Rosario

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Making The Choice.

A Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney can guide clients through the often complicated process of filing a case for workers’ compensation, especially when the claim has been denied by the insurance company. You need to work with a lawyer when the following occur:

you were injured on the job

you have difficultly claiming medical assistance

there is a risk of you losing your job

you feel threatened by your employer or the company

when the character of the employee-employer relationship deteriorates because of your claim

when injuries are severe and you are asking for more than what is stipulated in the worker-employer agreement

you are unaware or unfamiliar of the rights you have under state laws

you believe that you are not receiving the right kind or amount of benefits

you do not know the process of filing a compensation claim

Other Important Factors.

The assistance of a lawyer can help speed up the process of making claims. Compensation claims can take from several months to years before they are enjoyed by the employee. Most workers do not have the luxury of time, especially if the worker is the primary breadwinner in his household. A lawyer can stay on top of the case and make sure that no delays occur which can lengthen the process even more.

Another advantage is sound legal advice. It is easy for employees who have little knowledge of labor law to agree to terms and conditions presented by the insurance company or the employers while being fully unaware that they are entitled to more. A lawyer is there to make sure that workers’ rights are protected and that they get the compensation they deserve.

If you are struggling with your workers’ compensation or are unsure about how to proceed with the process of making a claim, give us a call now, With years of experience in assisting clients claim the benefits they deserve, we can offer you sound legal advice and assistance when you decide to file for a claim for the compensation that is due to

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Philadelphia workers compensation attorney

Philadelphia Workers Compensation Attorney